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you wanted more questions, so here, have some more :)) what is your personal theorie about Mary, like, who was she before, what are her intentions and motivations now, can you trust her or not? - she is such a brilliant character!

Woohoo! Well, I think she was some sort of paid assassin and got into some trouble with Magnussen (all pretty obvious), and that she genuinely wanted to leave that life behind. You saw her face when CAM’s message was read out at the wedding. She was devastated that he had found her again. I believe she loves John and now she can finally live freely (thanks to Sherlock *holds back waterfall of tears*). I think we can trust her - I doubt she would have any more tactical intentions now that Magnussen is dead. She doesn’t get in the way of their friendship, in fact she supports it and contributes to some great moments in season 3! Mary all the way. Love that woman. x

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what's your opinion on mary ?

I assume you mean Mary from Sherlock, so I’ll answer that. I love her. I loved her before she was revealed as an assassin, I loved her afterwards. I love her relationship with Sherlock in the respect that she doesn’t take any of his usual dramatic crap, and she knows exactly what to say to him (when he solved the Bloody Guardsman). I also love that Sherlock has such a soft spot for her and it was a joy to see the three of them acting together. I LOVE HER SO MUCH. I know there’s plenty of Mary hate out there but I couldn’t care, really. I already loved Amanda and was so thrilled that she was cast, I genuinely think she’s one of the most beautiful women in the world. She’s so comfortable in her own skin (and why wouldn’t she be). Ok, gushing over. I was quite pleased when I saw this question in my inbox. Feel free to send anymore Sherlockish questions/opinions my way, I love getting them. Spread the love and Happy Easter! x

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